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CHRISTIAN: African business is flourishing. Africa has incredible potential with a dynamic population. I needed to participate in the movement. My goal is to make a leader, a significant international African brand such as MTN, Dangote Cement, and Ecobank. There is insufficient African famous and recognizable brands. You want to be a leader and we wish other Africans to create leaders. Prince: How do you conceive the thought of starting an aesthetic company, and what problems do you set out to solve?

CHRISTIAN: African women love beauty products and the sector grows by 10% each year. The offer of natural aesthetic products is reduced therefore many local industries deliver whitening products. You want to educate women, avoiding them from using bleaching creams, oils, and creams. Too many of these products are dangerous for health. Madlyn Cazalis USP is that people provide quality products and services. Prince: How do you deal with competition with other organic cosmetic products?

CHRISTIAN: The aesthetic sector is very competitive but we are just at the beginning of the organic aesthetic trend in Africa. This market is adult in U already.S. Europe, with countries such as Germany and France. We create a fresh offer and provide a lot of services: free delivery, dermatological advise, fidelity cards, and selective distribution. Prince: What’s the most fulfilling and satisfying part of what you have been doing? CHRISTIAN: I think the most satisfying part has been regularly honored and getting international awards for my work. It gives me the courage to go after my dreams. When you observe your organization people and grow say that they love your products, it’s a lovely reward too.

Prince: What challenges have you encountered during these intervals? CHRISTIAN: I faced a great deal of negativity, administrative burden and loneliness in front of giants with a lot of financing power. David vs Goliath are very challenging but additionally it is a beautiful experience. Prince: Where are you taking Madlyn Cazalis Group to within the next couple of years? CHRISTIAN: In the next few years, I’d like Madlyn Cazalis to be well installed in Central and West Africa.

We receive mails from prospective customers from Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Congo, and Gabon. We are preparing ourselves to be a leader in African cosmetics. We also want African customers to benefit from Madlyn Cazalis wonderful natural skincare effects. Prince: You have a fight against Bleaching, what advice can you give Africans who enjoy this activity?

CHRISTIAN: I’d say, stop using bleaching products, stop complexes, and stop harming your beautiful pores and skin. Be pleased with the beautiful pores and skin God gave you. A lot of men and women don’t know these products contain poison even, mercury and corticoids to mention a few. Our job is to educate them. Dark skin is beautiful.

Prince: How will you translate your experience into mentorship through the Goldsky Partners? CHRISTIAN: A whole lot of young people are lost. They have ideas but don’t have assistance. I take this opportunity to share my experience and mentor them to achieve their goals. People need to find out how you achieved it, what were your challenges; they have to gain courage from your experiences.

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A great deal of young people need it. Prince: What potential do the truth is in other young African business owners? CHRISTIAN: Young African entrepreneurs have a lot of potential plus they have a lot of ideas. We see a complete great deal of young start-ups growing in Africa. We visit a complete lot of initiatives in Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, and South Africa.

I have to underline the fact that African French-speaking countries are way behind the other African countries, because we don’t have this entrepreneurial culture. In Nigeria and Kenya, there are more initiatives to encourage young African business owners, more business angels, more private equity funds, more incubators, and more contests. I think we need more initiatives in countries such as Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Chad, Niger, and Congo.