HOW EXACTLY DOES Gwyneth Paltrow’s $600 Skin Routine Compare To Other Celebs’?

There’s too much to learn from celebrity bedtime beauty routines. For just one, Hollywood stars get access to the best of the greatest cosmetics. Brands gift them with new launches. They’re friends with top aestheticians and skin-care experts that can provide them solid suggestions. They usually have to wear a great deal of makeup (thus learning how to take it off effectively is a top concern).

And, with the pressure of blinking lights, flawless epidermis is crucial. Plus, the morning in, prepping your skin for makeup is usually the goal. At night, however, taking care of your skin layer is the only real concern. Essentially, your skin layer has six to eight hours to rejuvenate, refresh and hydrate.

It’s important to consider advantage of this time. Yesterday on Harper Bazaar’s “Go to Bed BESIDE ME” series, Gwyneth Paltrow exposed her before bed routine, like the products she uses and exactly how she can be applied them. 600 price tag on her behalf skin-care. But, her video brought us to 1 essential question: Is her routine typical for a high profile?

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