HOW EXACTLY TO Create A Free Website On BlogSpot

This guide will help you to create a free website on blogspot, you will need not to buy domain name and hosting services. Blogspot is a platform which allows you to build and host website free of charge, it owns by Google so you don’t need to worry about server down time and other issues.

Moreover, there are a large number of free blogger templates used to give a professional look to your website. Let’s start with detail by detail guide for creating a website for free. You are finished with logging along with your gmail credentials Once, you shall be seeing a screen like the below one.

Click on “Continue to Blogger”. It’s right time to create a new website, select New Blog button. In this task, you’ll need to provide the address and title of your website. Blogspot, also provides us the choice of experiencing custom names of domain and we would see how to add custom domain names in this guide later. The website name must be unique so there are chances that the website name you wanna choose is already registered. In that case you must need to get one of these different domain name until unless the blue tick gets appeared at the right side of Address field as shown below.

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  • Click on the Instagram Direct icons at the top right corner of the screen
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Once it’s done, choose a template (you can choose any template as of this true point, you would be able to change it out later at any point of your time, we will show you how to do that) and click Create Blog! By completing till step 4, you own a website free of charge effectively.

Now, you can begin posting posts/articles, click on start blogging! Give your website’s address in the press and internet browser enter. You would be presented with a website, which you own! Initially, you might not like the look and layout but we have not yet finished the tutorial, we shall show you every single way to tweak your website, in order to make it look professional and good.

Since you have effectively make a website on blogspot, you can start publishing articles on your brand-new website now. Refer the below screenshot. Write content, title and strike Publish to create the post. Set the desired permalink structure in Blogspot? You can find two possibilities when a post is compiled by you.