Install Dropbox In Ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu Linux Guide Kubuntu Edubuntu Info GUIDELINES. Download Dropbox Nautilus client first. Both 32bit and 64bit variations of the DEB file are available. Double-click on the downloaded file to set up it. Remember, when you install Dropbox in your Ubuntu, a fresh Dropbox repo is added to your resources automatically.list. That may come in useful for future Dropbox updates. As you can see, it shows “lucid” instead of “maverick”(since I am using ubuntu 10.10 beta). THEREFORE I am not sure if the updates are going to work in Ubuntu 10.10 with this ‘Lucid’ Dropbox repo.

But the Dropbox client is certainly working fine in my Ubuntu 10.10 beta. You must be prompted with an option to restart Nautilus right now. Restart Nautilus and then launch Dropbox. Applications – Internet – Dropbox. And you will be asked to download a ‘proprietary daemon’. Click OK to download Dropbox daemon.

After downloading is done, you’ll be prompted with an option to ‘signal up with Dropbox’. If you haven’t registered with Dropbox yet and if you are thinking about an offer for 250MB of free extra storage space from Dropbox, you might go to the ‘PS’ section below post. Otherwise, just feel the steps by clicking ‘Forward’. After finishing the installation process, you will observe a fresh Dropbox icon on your top -panel. You can utilize it as your launchpad for all Dropbox related needs. Done. Though Dropbox is an awesome document syncing tool, I’ll never recommend syncing your very personal stuff in a few server cloud. Otherwise, it’s just cool. HOW TO PROCEED After A Fresh Ubuntu 10.10 Install?

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