Is AARP Membership Worth The Investment?

Question: Is AARP Membership Worth the Investment? My hubby is turning 50 years old in a month or more. I’m just thinking if it would be worth it for him to join AARP? 16 a year, but I’m thinking if the benefits are worthwhile and who easier to ask than the sensible Thrifty Fun family? Anyone care to share their advice or opinion on the matter? We became a member of years when my hubby was old enough back.

We took the membership considering it would be useful, would save us some cash, etc. Turns out we used anything AARP experienced to provide never, so we did not renew the account. My husband and I joined up with when he converted 50 also, and I don’t think we used it ever.

Now on the other hands this is a tip on it. As a member of AARP you can get a lesser quotation on homeowners and Auto ins thru Hartford Ins. My mother did this over 30 years back when she joined AARP. I bought into my mothers house with her so we automatically got the advantages of being on Hartford. It lowered my auto insurance a little quite.

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Just thought it was worth mentioning! It might be beneficial for people that need insurance for different things. You are able to join for just one year and find out if it’s of benefit for you. I have already been a member for quite some time and the thing I’ve used it for is their yearly meetings in Sept held in different cities of the country.

I have been to 4 cities. Los Angles,Orlando,Washington DC and Boston. About 25,day conferences 000 people attend these 3. They rent a large auditorium have have each one of these booths setup from different companies for members to visit. Day outings Aswell as outdoors activities and. Every member should attend one of the meetings for the fun of it. Other than the AARP insurance I don’t see a need to join.

I haven’t became a member of. I already get discount rates for hotels through AAA but there are even cheaper offers on line and in voucher books. I used to learn my dad’s Modern Maturity mag which has some good articles, but Personally i think they are out of sync with most post 50’s people.

To lure me to become listed on they offered me a free lunchbox with AARP in screaming white characters on it. I would be mortified to carry that to work. I’m at an important juncture in my career and having an AARP lunchbox does not fit. I became a member of AARP once i turned 50, but discovered that AARP and AAA discounts will be the same and I always have AAA almost, so did not renew AARP.

The thing to bear in mind is that you can get discount rates on so a lot of things without paying a yearly fee to AARP by doing some research of what you’re looking for. I was an AARP member for four years and decided it was a foolish waste of money overall and also decided because of things I then found out about AARP that Lorelei mentioned in her post.