M/31/6’8″ [764lbs >397lbs = 367lbs] Update #4 One Year Anniversary! (TL;DR Thanks!)

Griff Back once more and this time I’m celebrating the 1 yr anniversary of my journey! I am unable to imagine that it has already been 1 year, time sure does freaking fly! The final yr has absolutely been the very best 12 months of my (adult) life definitely. So I started my Journey on August third 2018 originally trying into have Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery.

After attending the unique seminar in late July with my sister (who I can be perpetually indebted to for pushing me to get healthy) I met with the Doctors for my consolation. There we talked about my options/procedures and did measurements. After i stepped on the scales and that display screen lit up 7 6 4 I was blown away at that quantity. I knew I was enormous however I by no means expected that type of a number.

I was advised that with the intention to even have surgery I’d need to get below 500 pounds (lose 264 pounds) talk about a daunting process. I knew that this wasn’t going to be straightforward but I also knew that if I didn’t do something immediately that I would not be round for much longer.

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I still remember Stephanie (The Bariatric coordinator) taking a look at me and saying you can do that! I believed her and she was proper, I Could Do this! She instructed be to start out out slow, restrict my calories to 2000, make sure that to get 100g of Protein, and attempt to be extra energetic, so that’s exactly what I did.

I started monitoring all my calories utilizing the Baritastic app (which I nonetheless use) acquired a couple food scales (one for dwelling one for work/travel) and began swimming in my back yard pool. It was actually just splashing/flailing around but it surely was movement and I used to be burning calories. I did not have a scale at my home to weigh myself so after three weeks I went again to the Bariatric Center to weigh in and that i had lost forty two pounds!

That was all of the motivation and proof that I wanted to see that If I might simply follow what I used to be doing this was going to work! It finally received too cold to swim at my home (mid October in Michigan gets Cold exterior) so I joined my native Rec Center and began swimming within the Lap pool 6 days every week.