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Starting this fall a new online course concentrating on the investment industry will be offered at Marquette University. Dr. David Krause has created a non-quantitative course with the aim of providing an obvious knowledge of investment industry basics. J50 or by simply clicking the video below. Offered online, this is a non-quantitative course has an overview of the essentials of the investment industry. Topics are the types and characteristics of financial securities, investment industry framework and settings, and regulation and ethics.

The material protected includes an intro to the fundamental business areas of accounting, macroeconomics, microeconomics, international trade, and figures. It has been designed to prepare students to sit for the Claritas Investment Certificate exam. Not offered as a business course for credit for business majors. Grading: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory. Prerequisites: Sophomore position.

Given a substantial amount of iPhone and other electronics manufacturing is done in China, we do not see this as a particular section of retaliation from a trade context. Apple shall need it. And EONTEC/LM will welcome it. Rightful speculation is BOE must have received a commitment from Apple and expectations of the commitment from Huawei in the near-future for the production of OLED/liquid metal components.

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In come back, BOE has reserved additional convenience of Apple for its upcoming launch of an Apple foldable device in 2020, departing Huawei to play catch-up. We suggest “maybe,” because the latest headline about Huawei meeting with BOE to discuss the creation of foldable phones might just be a public relations ploy to arrest the decline of its stock price.

We contend Huawei and BOE have been completely in discussion for quite a while about the creation of the foldable phone. And who benefits from Apple and Huawei contracting with BOE? EONTEC, whose global CE customers of liquid metal Face ID brackets include Huawei, ZTE, OPPO, Xiaomi and, once we suggest, BOE.

BOE is on the EONTEC list of collaborators with the company. No real surprise there. If Apple must cover its trail, it requires to additionally require its future tiered suppliers to follow. Or, take into account the role EONTEC must play in the foldable OLED market this way. If EONTEC has already been tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers to Huawei and ZTE (another behemoth CE devices maker), wouldn’t it make sense EONTEC/LM patent pool would include tier 1 supplier BOE?

Isn’t Huawei “discussing” programs to make foldable devices with BOE? Yes. And why would BOE utilize technologies that have already humiliated Samsung? BOE wouldn’t. A liquid steel fold in an OLED is inevitable. Whether EONTEC/LM produce liquid metallic components for a foldable OLED device to Huawei and/or Apple, the benefit to LQMT shareholders is apparent. But an announcement by Apple would provide a lot more punch to the share price of LQMT, as Apple announcements move marketplaces more than some other CE device manufacturer on the planet.

We claim the much bandied-about reason for delays with the entrance of Apple into the liquid metallic materials arena experienced more regarding the capacity lack of OLED screens than insufficient capacity to produce liquid metal components. And the need for a liquid steel mid-frame to achieve a foldable device is a completely naive notion. EONTEC items liquid steel FACE ID brackets and components for the Huawei 5G station. Therefore, we ask: If capacity for producing liquid metal components is inadequate to serve global markets, how, then, can EONTEC supply Huawei, a significant global company that sold 200 million smartphones in 2018? ZTE is another ongoing company EONTEC supplies to.