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Time to bid a fond farewell to the lads and lassies of Hamilton Grammar School’s Higher Business Management 2007-08. They are all off to pastures new, be that ongoing work, college or university. Some are going to to Civil Engineering, Primary School Teaching, Optometry, Risk Management, Fashion Marketing, Psychology, Accounting, Geography, Music and undoubtedly Business! There are many missing out of this picture but I wish every one of them best wishes for future years.

As a group they were a brilliant bunch, and individually they were talented highly. I am sure we’ll hear from them again in the foreseeable future. A number of budding Donald Trumps Perhaps? So long as when they’ve made their first million they come and make sure they see their old teacher alright!

It is safe to say that they were a special group, and in reality they reminded me of my very Higher class at Mearns Castle SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL first, who have been also a unique bunch of students. There is nothing as pleasing when you bump into former pupils and they’re very happy to see you.

I have met a few of my former MCHS class in a variety of places and it’s really such a great feeling when they many thanks for your help! As for my HGS bunch: I am very proud of them and I am not afraid to say I’ll miss them! I do have one major regret though.

Surely if “the CIA’s analytical work” was within the guidelines of regulations, those included have nothing at all to fear, right? A country cannot have a scheme for keeping secrets, violations to be punishable by law, without the likelihood that that scheme will be abused. It’s not possible to keep villains from exploiting such something.

On the one hand, several of the most recent prosecutions for espionage have involved Classified Documents Control clerks: individuals with blanket specialist to handle even the most serious of the nation’s secrets. Over the other, the utilization of classification to protect evidence of criminal wrongdoing against disclosure, with individuals of unreviewable authority standing guard against penetration, reaches the heart of the existing controversy. In order with all components of power, how it’ll be used depends upon the motives and character of the persons who strive to utilize it. Could there be a better testament to the need for Friedrich Hayek’s evaluation of “Why The Worst CAN GET ON Top” – ?

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Could any consideration better outline the need for restricting the classification system and its own uses as significantly as you can – maybe even to its total elimination? Even if “the gadget” wouldn’t meltdown or blow you up, getting out prior to the pack and running like the wind provides the best form of security for most important information. After all, it’s the exploitation that matters, not the mere abstract knowledge. But everything that is for another tirade.

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