My Story / Rapid Weight Loss / Concerns?

My Story / Rapid Weight Loss / Concerns? Just curious if anyone desires to consider in about the problems of fast weight loss. There’s a great deal of there confusing info out, and I would like some perspective on what is sane and practical for someone with my own body and goals. I made my committment in April, and since have lost about 45 then, a little over 3 months. Per month a half ago About, I started tracking daily weight on my spreadsheet, put a few more good diet things set up, set some very deliberate time goals, and also have lost 29 in 39 days. I got regular about exercise about 2 weeks ago.

This is well above what is considered normal and realistic, the common 2lb/week guideline. My average since June is a wee bit over 5lbs/week. Before that it was just a little slower, but I cheated a bit and didn’t have the methodical system set up I have now. I was once athletic, or at least in good form fairly.

I have been sick going back couple of years and gained a lot of weight. I used to be up to 360, so after all this loss I am still over 300lbs even. Without doubt having so much to reduce is a factor in how much is “normal” to reduce. I am 40 years old, male, and in good health (now) except for the weight I must lose. My diet is actually protein, low GI Carbs, good fatty acids like nuts and seafood, a utter and complete lack of sugar, weekly and I workout several days.

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I eat only “real” food. I prepare every meal at home and eat a whole lot of vegetables. A day I eat 5-6 very small foods. No drugs are utilized by me or other weird quack stuff to accelerate this. Some protein is drunk by me in my own breakfast smoothie, and I take multivitamins and Vitamin C. Otherwise, this is natural totally. I feel great, all my strength coming back, and the weight is falling off. My energy levels are high, and my brain is beginning to work well again. Personally i think as well as I ever have. I am never hungry. I am finding joy in excercise. Even at much smaller weights, I rarely have experienced this well.

A friend into fitness tells me about people who feel good losing “too much” and then just drop inactive one day from strain on the center and organs. 5lbs a week might not be that extreme for someone of my size. Alternatively, I have a pal who’s trainer asked him to keep his weight loss to a “reasonable” 50lbs in 14 weeks, which is 3 around. per week 5. He is much less heavy as me, so is my pound roughly more per week really that extreme if his is “reasonable”? Will there be an arbitrary amount where that becomes something to be concerned about really?

What are actually the dangers and how to you keep alert for them? Has anyone here lost over 100 lbs and have a perspective on the velocity it comes off? Turn to talking about this with you forward. Many thanks for your comments (but still wanting to hear all sides if anyone has more). I concur, and expect my weight loss to slow down as I get closer to a wholesome weight. I may add to my many words above which i monitor my reduction on a spreadsheet, and altho this amount is high, it is regular extremely.