Shariah & General Violation In Different Modes Of Investments

The clients receive investment facilities in cash. 2. Cash memos aren’t available. 3. The cash memos of puchased goods are used clients’ name rather than the Bank. 4. The cash memos are used before and after the disbursement of investment. 5. The customers take the goods directly from the seller instead of the Bank. 6. The Bank maintains no records for receiving the goods.

7. The customers are the applicants of Pay Order, DD, TT of the Bank instead. 8. New investment created for adjusting the prior investments. 9. Charging of additional profit for extension of your time. 10. Letter of expert didn’t take in case of indent/MPI dealership. 11. Creation of Baim-Wes (Stock lot). 12. Agreement kept vacant.

13. Amount of disbursement not decided with the amount of cash memo. 1. Branches don’t protect/obtain cash memo of the products purchased. 2. Cash-memos are used before investment. 3. Cash-memos are used after investment. 4. Cash-memos are taken without having personal of owner. 5. Bank official sign in the cash memo as seller. 1. Investment client recives goods in lieu of the bank officer. 2. In some cases, there is absolutely no proof goods received by the branch from seller. 3. In some instances, there is no evidence of goods received by your client from the branch. 1. The Signature of your client is being used blank contract form(s).

2. Agreement forms(s) are being preserved without day and see. 3. Agreements support the signature of the Branch Manager don’t. 1. Profit is charged before selling and Buying of goods. 2. Profit is charged more than one time on the same investing deal. 3. Profit is understood wihout charging with the cost price at the sale stage rather profit is billed at the adjustment stage. 4. Charging profit for the surplus time. 5. Profit charged by creating Bai-Muajjal investment if there is any hold off or less amount receipt against the sales proceeds of export L/C. 6. Profit charged on stock lot without investing.

7. In case there is conversion of Bai Muajjal and Bai Murabaha investment (Previous investment) to employ purchase, lease is charged without establishing the ownership of Bank or investment company on the asset. 1. No negetiation is kept between the client and the branch to buy goods. 2. Goods are ordered from the sister organizations of the clients. 3. Cash facilities provided to the client directly or indirectly. 4. Investment client is engaged as buying agent atlanta divorce attorneys case.

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1. To permit investment under HPSM without having ownership of the lender on the asset. 2. To charge rent on rent. 3. To permit investment under HPSM without living of the asset. 4. To allow investment to modify the responsibility of other Banks. 5. To modify the previous liability of your client by creating HPSM. 6. To permit HPSM for the purpose of L/C margin. 7. To charge rent on the asset before it becomes rentable/functional. 8. To allow HPSM investment on fungible goods.

The Puritans brought the same attitude to America. Because of their serious and genuine belief in the Scripture, they were unable to compromise with other people who insisted on the practices that were contrary to the Scripture. As being a historian, I demand that we learn to see their insufficient openness in this historical framework. What I really want to point out is that their spiritual beliefs helped them endure very hard conditions in New England. They embodied such virtues as hard work, discipline, education for children, and family unity. The figures from the 17th century indicate that individuals in New England led healthier and much longer lives than those who resided in Virginia and other warm climate colonies.

Mr. Anti: The Puritans worked well hard, but for an incorrect reason. They believed in this terrible doctrine called Predestination. They assumed that a lot of humans were dammed to hell because of their sins. And of course, they wanted to believe that these were predestined to be saved. However they were never sure, and therefore, wanted to produce noticeable signs that they were indeed going to heaven.