So Where Is The Money?

So today, I thought we’d have just a little blast from days gone by and look at what Mr. Black Amex credit card himself posted on Lawless America (.com). That is a processing from just over 3 years ago. It pertains to Windsor requesting to proceed in Forma Pauperis with one of his many lawsuits against judges.

“movie.” That is before he spent nearly every night for 2 yr in hotels (not motels). This is before he ate out every day (well, maybe he already did). That is before the gas investment property to drive his fuel inefficient (alleged) stalker mobile around the country. This is prior to the divorce and the division of possessions.

Bill was poor. So poor that he couldn’t continue without the financial assistance of the very courts he was suing. On page 44 is where Bill really gets into fine detail about the sad situation. There’s a significant amount of to go into really. You really should browse the whole thing for yourself. 50,000 in value. It’s been on the market for 5 years no offers to rent or sell.

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Bill’s previous tax returns were either filed incorrect or on extension because he was unable to read. Bill sold his newspaper publishing business but foolishly (his words) invested the proceeds in developing land. Then Bill blames everybody else for placing him in a financial bind. 8.1 million on the land. 2 million from after personal debt. 8.1 million money investment with nothing at all but furniture and clothes.

Sidenote: I wonder if this is actually the same Vernon Hulme? From 1987 to 1996, Bill did the unthinkable. He worked for others. Very good news, from the proceeds, another Dallas was bought by him home. Bad news, while he was living in England, the house value plummeted as neighboring property became a center for drug activity. Things go downhill quickly in Windsor land. Once again, all equity lost.

Apparently, he didn’t achieve this hot with this either. After two years “working” onto it, he and Barbara were only minority owners, and they sold their interest in 2003 for no revenue. I’m uncertain who he blames because of this one as his wife, child, and son-in-law were all among the top level employees.