Sue Basko, Lawyer For Independent Media

Starting a Website Biz? Supplying a ongoing service or product that is illegal. I’ve seen lots of website plans where in fact the whole thing revolves around violating other peoples’ music copyright. And isn’t that how Kim Dotcom allegedly made his lot of money – running a website that violated copyrights on movies and music? It generally does not have to be this sophisticated.

I’ve seen website programs that violate local laws and regulations about show reservation and job positioning. These exact things are included in State regulation usually, which means you need to check it out before you intend it. I saw an online business offering custom wine labels. Wine labels are carefully governed and approved by the federal government, and you can’t just go creating sweet ones and slapping them on bottles of wine. If your idea has never been done before – there could be some really good reasons why. And if the financing system for your business hasn’t been done before, it is probably illegal.

Not possibly, but probably. I’ve seen folks plan web businesses, get funding, build websites, and even start running their businesses, only to be cut short because their enterprise was essentially illegal. It’s rarely as dramatic and over-the-top as tactical teams in helicopters landing on Kim Dotcom’s driveway, but it might be as devastating just. IDEA: When you come up with a plan for an online business, research it first.

Then seek advice from with a lawyer or two in the field in which your business would be. If it’s music, talk with a music lawyer, if it’s medical, talk with a medical attorney. And on. Whatever it is, before you get investors or put in work, check out the idea. Deciding on a Name that ANOTHER PERSON Already Owns. Twitter made this mistake – they picked a name that belonged to some other online service.

Eventually Twitter became so wealthy and powerful these were in a position to get the brand on the name, with a pay-off to the name owners probably. Don’t make the same mistake. To get more on this, see Naming Your Creative Business. Giving Away Big Chunks of the Business Without Meaning To. If you saw “The SOCIAL NETWORKING,” you know that Mark Zuckerberg allegedly offered away some of the not-yet-created The Facebook when he accepted money from a couple brothers and decided to build them a sociable website. Giving away a share of your business can be as easy and informal as a chat in a hallway or an email.

And it is a lot easier to end up giving things away if you are in need of money. Think. Read up. Know some business and legal essentials before you begin. Bring on a good attorney to form any working deals. If you want a refresher course, watch “The Social Network” again. And remember this handy guideline: If you don’t make money, no-one will bother you. However the full minute you start making money, people should come of the woodwork declaring you owe them a talk about out. Which means you need to ahead think strategically and plan.

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