The Right Way To Uninstall Mandriva Linux

In time you could come across situations where you wish to remove Mandriva from your system. Done incorrectly this could cause complications together with a system that will not boot. Today we are going to have a look on the steps to cleanly uninstall Mandriva and restore your computer to it’s earlier state.

For those who presently have Mandriva as the only operating system in your laptop it is very straightforward to carry out an uninstall. In this case the assumption is that you will be replacing Mandriva with another operating system. All it’s a must to do is set up the brand new operating system. The brand new operating system, whether or not it be Windows, Mac OSX, or one other distribution of Linux will help you repartition your exhausting drives as well as overwrite the current bootloader in the MBR.

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No actual work has to be achieved in this situation. Simply install the new Linux distribution as you normally would utilizing the Mandriva Linux partitions. The bootloader will probably be reinstalled with the new install as nicely and you’ll nonetheless have a completely practical Windows/Linux twin boot setup. Here we will perform the uninstall of Mandriva Linux utilizing the Mandriva Live CD and your Windows XP CD. Boot the Mandriva Live CD. Become SuperUser by typing “su” and hitting “enter”. Start Diskdrake by typing “diskdrake” and hitting “enter”.

Remove all Linux partitions. Boot your Windows XP CD. Type “R” to enter the Recovery Console. Invoke the FIXMBR command. This could permit you besides into Windows XP and reclaim the area you freed up by deleting the Mandriva Linux partitions. Again, this case could be resolved in a couple alternative ways. In this instance we’re going to make use of our Mandriva Live CD with our Windows Vista CD. Boot the Mandriva Live CD. Become SuperUser by typing “su” and hitting “enter”. Click the operating system you want to restore.

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