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The global CDSS Market keeps growing at a significant rate, due to growing demand for advanced healthcare information systems, and growing opportunities by HIT players. The global CDSS Market is growing at a substantial rate, due to growing demand for advanced healthcare information systems, and growing assets by HIT players. Furthermore, the growing dependence on remote control patient monitoring services and increasing support from authorities organizations is also traveling the development of the global CDSS market.

CDSSs are computer-based information systems that can assist healthcare providers in the execution of clinical guidelines at the idea of care. The system uses patient information to provide evidence-based treatment recommendation for healthcare providers and provides better clinical results. CDSS tend to be incorporated within digital health records (EHR) and integrated with other computer-based functions offering patient-care summary reviews, and responses on quality indicators.

Geographically, North America dominated the global market of CDSS in 2015; whereas the Asia-Pacific market is expected to witness the fastest development at a CAGR of 23.2%, during the forecast period. Some of the key companies working in the global CDSS Market include Cerner Corporation, RELX Group PLC, Epic Systems Corporation, General Electric Company, McKesson Corporation, Zynx Health Incorporated, International Business Machine Corporation and Siemens AG. P&S GENERAL MARKET TRENDS is market research company, that provides market research and consulting services for various geographies around the globe.

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