Tourists Killed In Vietnam!

How safe is Vietnam? Vietnam belongs for vacationers to the most popular and safest travel locations in the global world, so long as one can believe officially common reviews. However, this information might not been longer current since a long time. Increasingly more tourists in Vietnam were killed at criminal offenses as well by tragic accidents.

These accidents take place mostly due to insufficient checking for conformity with statutory basic safety rules by the Vietnamese regulators. ITI-HOLIDAY experienced reported as early as April 2016 about the constantly rising crime in Vietnam , in the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City especially. As April 2016 about the constantly rising crime in Vietnam ITI-HOLIDAY had reported as early, especially in the metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City.

The offenders became increasingly more unscrupulous within the last years and ready to accept even the death of their victims. An identical criminal offense occurred in District 11 of Ho Chi Minh City on 30th November 2015. At 1:00 pm a couple was along the way in the Lac Long Quan Street alongside the sister of the husband. Here the family was attacked by robbers on the mobility scooter.

The criminals tried to snatch the ladies handbag from the 58-year-old sister of the spouse. All three victims crashed hard at this attack but fortunately the couple was only slightly injured. Nevertheless the 58-year-old woman was not so lucky. She was unconscious after the accident and was taken up to a nearby hospital. Within she died on the same day because of her brain accidents.

In the night of 04th June 2016 an excursion vessel capsized on the river Hanh nearby the seaside City of Da Nang. Also foreign visitors were aboard the overcrowded boat when it got into trouble and was sinking totally. Sad balance sheets of tragic accident were 3 deaths and including 2 children.

The accountable captain led the boat without a valid license what’s an however very wide-spread business practice in Vietnam. On March 14th 2016 came the 43-year-old Swede, Mr. Sjogard Peter Larson while bathing, in Vung Tau to loss of life. He was on a trip with 2 Vietnamese acquaintances. Mr. Sjogard Peter Larsson just proceeded to go along with his friends to swim in the ocean when they all 3 together suddenly started to drown. Fortunately these were preserved first from other bathing guests who noticed the incident. Both Vietnamese survived without long term damage.

The heart of the Swedish visitors was failing however on the way to hospital. Until today Why or how it came to this collaborative drowning is still not clear. Presumably there were incidents like this, which resulted in that the neighborhood authorities felt obliged, to decide on amendments for the beach of Vung Tau.

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ITI-HOLIDAY reported about these enhancements on the Beach of Vung Tau at length at May 2016. Unfortunately nationwide at all seashores in Vietnam are only a few lifeguards available despite such tragic incidents such as this one. In the evening of February 26th 2016, it emerged in Dalat to a mystical accident in which 3 British visitors were killed. Beth Anderson (24) and her sister Isobel Mackenzie Squire (19) passed away along with her friend, the previous Royal Navy Sailor Christian Sloan (25) at Datanla waterfall in Lam Dong province in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

What caused the death of these three backpackers in Vietnam is still unclear and the reviews of the local press, as well as the responsible government bodies go very aside far. One fact is probably that the three were on the adventure tour with a non-authorized guide. What the death of these three friends triggered really seems still to be an insoluble mystery. Vo Anh Tan, who’s the deputy director of the competent local tourism company, said that the three tourists explored the area without official admission ticket and with a non certified tour guide.