Upwork Blog Writing Test 2019

Select all that apply. Casually copyrighting something rather than using it again. Produce a listof what to look out for when copyrighting. Using smaller amounts of another’s work though it is given credit properly. Using huge amounts of another’s work, even if it’s credited. Using another’s work and claiming it as your own. Reading someone else’s work and learning, then writing your own from scratch. What is effect of copyrighting your projects? choose everything that apply. Protects the possession of your projects from being stated by anyone else.

Helps you earn more income. If you pay to register your work with the united states Copyright office, the protection of your work is improved greatly. Requires an individual or purchaser to pay a tax. Signal a completion of your work. Is only acknowledged by associates of the United Nations. May be recognized depending on the language found with using agreements (e.g. Free Trade Agreement, UCC Paris, World Intellectual Property Orgnization). A and C are correct. It is appropriate when the original source for the image is cited. It really is still copyright permission and infringement to use the image continues to be required. It is appropriate to use images whose watermark has been removed never.

It is only copyright infringement if the copyright owner knows about the removal; therefore, the images can be used without outcome. How is paraphrasing different from plagiarism? Choose everything apply. Paraphrasing is rearranging someone else’s words. Plagiarism is using another’s words without citing them. Paraphrasing is shortening another’s words. Paraphrasing and Plagiarism will be the same exact thing. What is involved with plagiarism? Choose all that apply. Taking another’s work and putting it into your or without citing the source.

Claiming another’s work is your own. Claiming another’s thought is your own. Claiming another’s ideas is your own. Copying any written work and pasting into text message that you will be writing without giving the true owner credit. What are some good things you can do before you copyright your work? Select all that apply. Check spelling and grammar. Check if you are giving credit when it’s due.

Casually copyright something rather than utilizing it again. Create a summary of things to watch out for when copyrighting. A link to the link where in fact the information origionated. Embed link from an original post on a social media site. All of the above. None of the above. Must you pay money to employ a copyright?Choose everything apply. Yes, if you’d like to sell your work or materials. Yes, if you want to publish your work.

No, never to use the copyright sign. Yes,only if you choose to register your work with the US Copyright Association. Yes, you pay the publisher of your work only. Use information without crediting your original author. Ensure your blog is copyright before you release it to the public. Make sure your blog isto your liking before you copyright it. Ensure that you are not plagiarizing before copyright your work. You have a detailed friend who creates for a small business website. She wrote a terrific blog that used highly engaging recently, beautiful images. Your friend lets you know that the carrying on business was offered a DMCA notice predicated on that specific blog. Exactly what does this mean?

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It is likely your friend violated copyright law and the DMCA notice is demanding the business take away the offending material. This is a demand from Google to eliminate the material credited to keyword stuffing and illegal backlinking techniques.S. What does it mean to plagiarize? Select everything that apply. None of the above.

Using somebody else’s original idea in your post. Quoting data compiled through a scholarly research. All the above. None of the above mentioned. How do plagiarism and copyright relate with one another? Select everything apply. If you violate a copyright, you are plagiarizing. If you are plagiarizing, you are violating a copyright.

If you copyright something, it is impossible for someone to plagiarize your work then. If you plagiarize something, you will not get caught. Claiming possession of work that you didn’t craete. Using another’s work authorization or reference. It is the same as copyright infringement. Authoring someone’s creation in a paper.

David notices that another blogger has used his images of scenery in their blog without David’s pemission. Which one of the next is the best option way to safeguard David’s images? David can contact the blogger and warn him for the future. David can add a watermark on images/pictures in the future.