Warren Buffett’s Advice To His Wife Is Investment Gold

The Oracle’s encyclical is here, 21 web pages of investment advice hot from the presses from Omaha, USA. As normal, the Wall Street must-read is chock filled with insights about the investment horizon. 50 billion in cash he’s on the hunt for big acquisitions but gives readers no hint to where he’s hunting. For the answer to that relevant question readers and Buffett supporters can just skip to page 20, because one paragraph says it all up.

When it involves Buffett’s advice for his own wife – the 60-something Astrid Menks – it’s simple. Put 10 percent of the cash in short-term government bonds and 90 percent in very low-cost S&P 500 index finance.” That’s it. No Berkshire stock for the existing Mrs. Buffett, no rocking real property investments, no hot hedge funds, just a simple vanilla index account (Buffett suggests the low-cost Vanguard money).

Basically, that’s all the so-called “average” trader needs to take away from Buffett’s 2013 annual notice and the 48 letters that came before it. Don’t do what Buffett will. In the end he’s the 4th richest person on the planet and has more than 60 years of trading prowess under his belt. No, do what Buffett is doing for his wife.

  1. Development of multimodal transportation for world trade
  2. With good benefit of long-term orientations
  3. Short time frames of investment
  4. Budgeting And Forecasting
  5. The double-declining-balance method can be an accelerated depreciation method
  6. Hedge Fund Compensation
  7. Sales practices should never be mandated by regulators, but arise from convention only

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