What Does That C-peptide Test Result Mean?

What does that C-peptide test consequence imply? PLEASE Read This text Carefully Before COMMENTING OR EMAILING ME Questions on YOUR C-PEPTIDE Test! The point of this article is that the C-peptide test tells you provided that you are making some amount of insulin, however not how a lot. It can’t be used to diagnose Anything except it is very close to 0. People keep emailing me asking me questions that could possibly be answered by reading this post in full.

One of many frequent questions I get from readers of my internet site is what the results of a C-peptide check might imply and whether or not it will possibly determine the type of diabetes they’ve. Unfortunately, in many cases, the answer is, that it cannot. C-peptide is a chain of proteins that is spun off in the process by which the beta cell makes insulin. During this process, a precursor molecule, proinsulin is split into insulin and C-peptide.

So for every molecule of insulin your beta cells produce, in addition they produce a molecule of C-peptide. C-peptide is faraway from the bloodstream by your kidneys while insulin is removed by the liver. This makes a difference in how lengthy these peptides keep in the bloodstream. It takes half an hour till C-peptide is eliminated, whereas insulin is gone in five minutes. Which means that there ought to be 5 occasions as much C-peptide in your blood at any given time as there may be insulin and the longer exercise interval should easy out the consequences of testing at anyone specific moment.

However, if there is something flawed with your kidneys they could not remove C-peptide in a traditional method and the result of a C-peptide take a look at may be deceptive. If an individual is injecting insulin, measuring C-peptide is the one approach docs can decide whether or not they’re also making insulin on their own since lab checks do not distinguish between injected insulin and homemade. The principle thing a C-peptide take a look at tells you is whether or not your body is making C-peptide. This appears like a “duh” sort of statement.

But in truth, that actually is all that the test tells us. This can be helpful in itself–if there isn’t a C-peptide in a blood pattern, your beta cells will not be making any insulin. To derive extra which means for the results of a C-peptide test the lab must know whether or not it was taken fasting or not fasting and what the blood glucose level was in the mean time it was taken. In concept, a high fasting blood sugar with a high C-peptide worth ought to point to Type 2 diabetes primarily caused by insulin resistance. That is because the high C-peptide worth would suggest a variety of insulin was being produced however insulin resistance was protecting it from lowering blood sugar.

In idea, testing C-peptide very few years must also provide you with some thought of whether or not your beta cells are slowly failing. Unfortunately, it’s right here that things start breaking down. The issue is that there isn’t any standardization in the best way that labs measure C-peptide or in the reference ranges they supply.

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A latest study that despatched forty different samples out to 15 laboratories discovered 9 totally different strategies getting used. In short, in the event you sent the identical pattern to a special lab, you could get a really totally different result. It’s often instructed that because of the totally different check protocols and reference ranges in use, you utilize the identical lab to match C-peptide values, when making an attempt to find out in case your C-peptide ranges are dropping. But the results of the study above suggest that “inside laboratory imprecision” is significant sufficient to make this a questionable technique, too.

Labs may also not provide on a reference range for fasting C-peptide take a look at results since most doctors order solely fasting C-peptide checks. This sample is characteristic of some types of MODY diabetes, and explains why a person with MODY-1 or MODY-three might have utterly normal fasting C-peptide while experiencing extremely high blood sugars after meals. You possibly can see an example of this on this MODY case history the place the younger patient whose genetic testing diagnoses MODY-1 has a standard C-peptide along with a 9.2% A1c.

1. Very Low C-peptide test results.If your CC-peptide is significantly under the normal fasting vary given by your lab regardless of when your blood sugar was tested your beta cells are likely to be dead or dying. In case you are young or very recently diagnosed with diabetes of any kind, a really low C-peptide value is a great way of diagnosing Type 1 (autoimmune) moderately than Type 2 diabetes.

Some insurers require a C-peptide check consequence beneath .5 nanograms/ml before they’ll cowl the costs of an insulin pump. 2. High Fasting C-peptide Test Results. A excessive fasting C-peptide check value taken at the same time as a excessive fasting blood glucose take a look at value suggests that you are insulin resistant although nonetheless making a lot of insulin.